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Find my size
How Monsieur BARON Shirts fit?

Our shirts are fitted but don't compromise with comfort. (See more about our fit)

  • So if you want a nice fitted shirt, and if you normally wear a 15 (UK size, 38 in EU size), that will probably be the right size for you in Monsieur BARON.
  • But if you want to add an extra bit of margin and comfort you can move one size higher and ask for a free collar adjustment (see our semi-tailoring section).
How do I find my size?

A. Find my collar size: This is the most important measurement to get right, especially if you plan to wear your shirt with a tie.

  • You can measure around the fullest part of your neck using a tape measure.
  • Alternatively you can use one of our existing shirts where the collar fit you well.

B. Find my sleeve length:

  • If usually you don’t have a problem to find a shirt that fit your arm length just go for the regular size.
  • Alternatively you can go for an extra long sleeves option or a shorter sleeves option.
How to make sure the shirt is going to fit me perfectly?

You are based in London asked for a free and no obligation personal fitting.
Not based in London, you can benefit from our trial shirt offer.

I would like some alterations and customisations…

No worries please check our semi-tailoring section.

What is your shirt measurement (in cm)?
Size 37 38 39-40 41 42 43 44-45
Collar size 37cm 38cm 40cm 41cm 42cm 43cm 45cm
Cest 100cm 104cm 108cm 112cm 116cm 122cm 128cm
Waist 92cm 96cm 100cm 104cm 108cm 114cm 120cm
Shorter Sleeve Adjusted on demand (see our customize your shirt section)
Regular Size 86cm 87cm 88cm 89cm 90cm 93cm 94cm
Extra Long 92cm 93cm 94cm
Any alteration customization see our customize your shirt section
What is your shirt measurement (in inches)?
Size 14.5" 15" 15.5" 16" 16.5" 17" 17.5"
Collar size 14.5" 15" 15,5" 16" 16,5" 17" 17.5"
Cest 39,5" 41" 42,5" 44" 45,5" 48" 50,5"
Waist 36" 38" 39,5" 41" 42,5" 45" 47"
Shorter Sleeve Adjusted on demand (see our customize your shirt section)
Regular Size 34" 34,5" 34,5" 35" 35,5" 36,5" 37"
Extra Long 36" 36,5" 37"
Any alteration customization see our customize your shirt section
Customize the shirt to my own measurements
Customise your shirts to your own measurements with our semi-tailoring service

We offer a semi-tailoring service to customise our existing cut to your own measurements by making all the necessary adjustments.
We can adjust your collar size for strong neck, reduce sleeve length for shorter arms, increase the darts at the back for extra slim body, add embroideries …
To get more information about this service please go through our guide by clicking on any of the question listed below

Why semi-tailoring and is it the same as tailoring?

We don’t do tailored shirts but we do semi-tailored shirts as we think it is more convenient, more price efficient to get a similar result.

  • More convenient: You won’t wait for months to receive your shirts: this will delay your order delivery by a maximum of 3 days.
  • More efficient: We are unbeatable in price for such luxury (semi) tailored shirt.
  • Equivalent result: We strongly believe in our Signature Tailored Fit and think it is better to start from a good fit than from scratch…(see more about our fit)
How to benefit from this service?

You are based in London asked for a free and no obligation personal fitting.
Not based in London, you can benefit from personal advises from our customer service by email or call + 44 208 127 4438. And why not start by enjoying our trial shirt offer?

What are the price and package options available?

To make it simple we offer 4 types of semi-tailoring packages

  Price 'What does it include?
A. Free Starter Package Free Adjust the collar button to you desired size
B. Standard Package £ 10 Starter Package
+ 1 alteration on sleeve length or fit
C. Advanced Package £ 15 Starter Package
+ 2 alterations (on sleeve lenght and fit) or Your Monogram
D. Expert Package £ 25 Starter Package
+ 2 alterations (on sleeve lenght and fit) and Your Monogram
Can I see the full list of alterations available?
  Alteration A. Free Starter Package B. Standard Package C. Advanced Package D.
Expert Package
Collar Size Move your collar button for stonger neck Up to 1.5 cm        
Move your collar button for weaker neck Down to -1 cm        
Sleeve Lenght Reduce the sleeve length for the shorter arms Down to -10 cm per arm              
Fit Adjustment Increase the darts on the back for the very slim Down to -10 cm on chest, waist or both              
Monogram Add Monograming 2 letters.              
To help you in your choice
To simplify your choice we have categorised our fabric into 3 categories depending on the weaving.


  • A traditional choice for a business dress shirt. The compact, tightly woven and silky texture provides a very clean aspect and a comfortable touch. Its flat structure ensures long life despite repeated laundry.
  • We have combined in this category: Poplin and End on End.


  • A relatively thicker fabric characterised by a luminous finishing and a very soft touch. Comfortable to wear, luxurious and perfect for formal attire, and another classic choice for your dress shirt collection. The construction is made with the weft threads pass over one and under two threads resulted in a diagonal rib. Twill is usually easier to iron than Poplin.
  • We have regrouped in this category: Twill, Twill Herringbone, Royal Twill…

3. OTHER TYPES: we have many other fabrics that do not fit into those categories.

  • Royal Oxford: A strong cotton fabric with granular texture. This is the ideal fabric for very formal shirts.
  • Pin point: Used the same construction as an oxford but with a slightly tighter weave, and lighter in weight.
  • Pin Stripes: A unique fabric characterised by its shiny aspect due to its construction that includes very thin white satin lines.
  • And more….
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