Personal Shopping Service - for individual people or groups

Book a personal shopping session to see how you'll look and feel in our shirts and get any desired adjustment or expert advice.
This service is absolutely free with no obligation to buy!

How does it work?
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You meet one of our highly trained clothiers at your office, home or at our showroom.

Don’t move from your armchair (except to be measured and try on the shirts!), one of our professional clothiers will come directly to your office or home in London, at the most convenient time for you. Alternatively you can come to our showroom and enjoy a glass of one of our finest French wines.

We have created this service, because, like you, we were businessmen and we know how painful it can be to shop when you have no time to spare.

You try on our shirts, be professionally measured and set-up any desired fit adjustment

Our black label tailored fit ensures an impeccable and elegant look while not compromising on all-day comfort. It will give you attitude during and after work: perfect with a tie tuck or with one or two buttons undone, and usually fits perfectly 90% of our customers.

In addition, for our customers looking for more personalisation, we offer a semi-tailoring service to adjust the cut to your own body measurements: We can adjust your collar size for strong neck, reduce sleeves length for shorter arms, increase the darts at the back for extra slim body and add embroideries...

To know more please go on the semi tailoring section

Once introduced to our Black Label collection, benefit from personalised advice in defining and styling your wardrobe

Our clothiers are shirt experts, well-versed in fabrics, styles and patterns. They provide expert guidance to our clients that can no longer be found in a store. They are highly skilled and benefit from continuous training from our management team.

You leave confident with your size, style and fit. 20 minutes to 1 hour later depending on your time.

Everything is said in the title.

A Free service available 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday), 9am - 7.30pm in London for individual or group of people (friends, colleagues or team)
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