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Using the finest and noblest materials.

To reach the highest level of quality, we work only with famous European weavers and all of our suppliers have more than half a century's experience. We guarantee that all our Black Label shirts are made with:

100% Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton: soft, light and resistant

Egyptian cotton is characterised by very long soft fibres. Our fabrics are made of the finest: extra long staple Egyptian cotton (with fibre length greater than 35mm). Soft, light and resistant, this cotton represents one of the best cotton qualities in the world (less than 3% of the world cotton production) and is able to produce the nicest and finest fabrics.

Finest Double-ply Fabrics: lustre, texture, comfort & resistance overtime

Double ply consists in twisting two very fine yarns together to create a new double ply yarn. This gives to our fabrics a lovely lustre and a marvellous texture with a greater flexibility. In addition they are very resistant and do retains colours extremely well. If cared for properly, our shirts could last for decades.

Moreover, our fabrics are made with the finest thread yarns (2/3 of our black label shirts are made with a yarn of 120/2 and over). As a result they are lighter, more comfortable and enjoyable to wear than common double ply fabrics, and have often patterns of an extremely high definition.

Mother-of-Pearl Buttons: for their nice reflects

The buttons we select are carved from the hearts of the most beautiful mother-of-pearls that are hidden on the other side of the globe, on the Indian Ocean shores of Madagascar. They are renowned for their softness, solid quality and very nice reflects.

Finishing and care: easy iron

All our fabrics receive a special and easy care finishing to make them longer lasting and iron friendly.

Cultivating the art of detail.

We cultivate the art of detail acquired by more than one hundred years of experience in shirt making.

Reinforced Collar and cuffs: to keep their elegant shape in any situation

Our collars and cuffs are reinforced using several techniques. Our collars (collar and stand) and cuffs are meticulously fused to ensure better shape and rigidity. In addition, our collars have both removable collar bones and additional ones already sewn into the structure. This technique combines two traditional ways of making, and is rarely used in the world.

French placket: to offer a very clean finish

The French placket offers a very clean finish on the front of the shirts while highlighting our mother of pearl buttons.

Finest seams: for enhanced style and comfort

We use the finest seams for an enhanced style and comfort as well as an increased solidity: English seams for armholes, 6 to 7 stitch-points per centimetres, button seams cross stitched.

And many other special details that you will discover when wearing your shirt

Gauntlet buttons, horizontal last button placket for an enhanced comfort, label of the collection at the bottom of the shirts, labels made of a unique material…

Style and comfort on any occasion

Our fit ensures an impeccable and elegant look while not compromising on all-day comfort. Our shirts look great in any situation and give you attitude during and after work: perfect with a tie tuck or with one or two buttons undone.

Narrow silhouette and sleeves: for an elegant and lengthened silhouette

Our shirts are tailored with a fitted cut along the waist line for an elegant and lengthened silhouette. The sleeves are tailored along the arm line in order to avoid extra fabric.

Darts at the back to remove the extra fabric on the back

The darts located on the back of the shirt remove the extra fabric on the back without constraining the body on the front.

Our ultra chic semi Cutaway Collar: both traditional and timelessly elegant

Reinforce with several techniques (fused interlining, both removable collar bones and additional ones already sewn into the structure), it will keep its elegant shape in any situation.

The result is a collar which adapts perfectly to different styles of tie knotting and looks fashion and chic with a button or two undone.

Our Cuffs convertible or French cuffs for convenience and style

We have combined both advantage of French Cuffs (more formal) and Single cuffs (convenience) to create our convertible cuffs and allow you to use your cuffs either as a Button Cuff or with Cufflinks.

This type of cuff is rarely found across the world, and we offer it on most of our models. Other models come with traditional French Double cuffs.

Personalising your shirts to your wish
Our semi-tailoring service: to adjust the cut to your own body measurements

For our customers who want more personalisation, we offer a semi-tailoring service to adjust the cut to your body measurements by making all the necessary adjustments.

We can adjust your collar size for a strong neck, reduce sleeve length for shorter arms, increase the darts at the back for extra slim body, add embroideries…

Our decision to offer this service was for convenience (three day service instead of three weeks and price efficiency for the same result)
To know more please go on the semi-tailoring section

Promoting values of elegance & style ‘à la Francaise’

Monsieur BARON mixes inspirations from Paris to London, from business to fashion, from classic elegance to modern style to achieve one goal: dress today's man.

Playing with the noblest materials: colours, textures and shines

All the Black Label fabrics demonstrate our commitment to offer a luxury and unique product. Our collection plays on mixing is declined by playing and mixing various colours (from pastels to contemporary colours), textures (from light and delicate poplin to innovative twills), and shines (from the elegant white poplin to the trendy and shiny pin stripe).

Elegance of simplicity: a range of timeless classics translated into today's styles

From plain shirts to very fine checks or colourful large stripes, classic is no longer old fashioned! Our collection encompasses a range of timeless classics that we intend to translate into today's styles thanks to our contemporary fits and a number of small details integrated (sometimes hidden) in the shirts.

Style is in the details: that no one but you can really see

Our shirts contain details that no one but you can really see: our unique ProdG Labels, some subtle contrasted colours in the inside of cuffs and collars, invisible collar bones, convertible cuffs and many more to be discovered.

Elegance ‘à la Française’: our shirts have something very French!

We must admit that our shirts have something very French: the choice of fabrics, the French placket and our signature collar are a few examples of it. The names of the Black Label collection thus celebrate French culture through contemporary and illustrious artists, poets, businessmen and wines. Monsieur Monsieur BARON loves London but will never forget its French inspirations, values and roots.

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