Corporate Sale Service - companies of >100 employees

After setting up a pleasant and stylish stand, one of our experienced clothiers will present the collections to your employees, take their measurements, set up organise any desired fit adjustment and assist in styling their wardrobes.

Why work with us?
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Your employees save time, money..and look smart!
They have access to our luxury products, services and offers all year round.

Your employees have access to our luxury products with special discounts and offers. We offer a unique hassle-free shopping experience with a dedicated expert clothier and an amazing Customer Service, for your employees' benefit.

They don't move from their desk, we come to them!
An approach tailored to businessmen's lifestyle.

Our clothiers are shirt experts, well-versed in fabrics, styles and patterns. They provide expert guidance to our clients that can no longer be found in a store anymore. They will come directly to your office to present the collections to your employees, and advise them on sizes, fit adjustment, and style. All the shirts will be delivered directly to your office on the following Monday.

We have created this service, because, like your employees, we were businessmen and we know how painful it can be to shop when you have no time to spare.

An easy, convenient and stress-free organisation for you!
As an organiser you will be rewarded in many ways

As an organiser you will be rewarded in many ways: our attractive stand will enhance the atmosphere in your company, you will receive your VIP gift plus the satisfaction of knowing that part of the benefits will be donated to charity.

No additional work. We tailor our services to each company constraints and needs: we take care of everything (before, during and after the sale) and make sure it will adapt smoothly to your company and cause no disturbance.

It is a free and no-obligation service!
And for each shirt sold, we donate € 1 to a charity.

Everything is said in the title.

A service that takes 2-3 hours in your company, and that we recommend to do at lunch time; available from Monday to Friday.
We currently serve more than 130 companies on a regular basis, so why not join the club now? (see our customer list and testimonial)

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